48 Hour Film Favorites


About 48 Hour Favorites banner

48 Hour Film Favorites is in NO WAY affiliated with the 48 Hour Film Project. 48 Hour Film Favorites is merely the passion project of a 48HFP enthusiast –Patrick Boberg– who feels 48 filmmakers deserve a little more publicity.

Residing in Des Moines, Iowa, I have been participating in the 48 Hour Film Project since 2011 and love everything about the competition. The ticking clock, the community, the filmmaking and so much more. This site is not a means to promote my own films; however, if you must find them, you can find various links through my About.Me site (or for one shameless plug, check out my other film podcast www.FilmcastWithoutACause.com).

The hope for this site is to share personal favorites I’ve discovered from various 48 Hour Film Project competition’s across the globe, interview 48 Hour Filmmakers, and raise the profile of short filmmaking under a 48 hour deadline. Embedded films will only be from 48 HFP submissions, however links and interviews may branch off into related topics.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns please contact me through the various means listed on the site. Enjoy!



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