48 Hour Film Favorites

“Mort ou Libre” – Red Screen Films

In case you don’t know, the 48 Hour Film Project is an international event. While a great deal of events take place in the United States, a fair amount take place overseas in places like Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, and many more. This week’s favorite comes Red Screen Films from the 2014 Dijon 48 Hour Film Project Films, and for those without a globe Dijon is the northeastern region of France.  Red Screen Film’s “Libre ou Mort” or “Free or Dead” is an extremely cinematic film that took best film in Dijon. The required elements for the dijon competition were:

  • Character: Henri or Hélene Bernard, Boulanger(e),Baker
  • Prop:  Plume, Bird feather or a fountain pen
  • Line of Dialogue: “Franchement je ne comprend rien, Frankly speaking i dont’ understand.”

With Circa3 pulling the genre “Western.” As for awards, Libre ou Mort did rather well for itself taking home:

  • Prix de la Meilleure image (Best Film)
  • Meilleurs réalisateurs (Best Directors)

Lining up an interview for the 48 Hour Favorites Podcast has proven to be a little difficult. Libre ou Mort directors Falvien DuVoix and Kévin Follézou were extremely excited at the idea however were not confident enough in their english to pull it off. Never the less I will be posting a text interview between the Red Screen Films duo and 48 Hour Favorites. So keep your browsers peeled for that later this week.

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